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classified ad example

One of the most popular ways for trades to gain business in the local area is by using the classified ads section or trade services section in the local newspaper. This especially works well in newspapers like the Leader or Star newspapers that are dedicated to a particular area such as Frankston for example. So if a business, let’s use Aspen Air as an example wants to gain leads for heating and cooling, an ad in their local area newspaper would go quite a long way.

So what kind of businesses should advertise in the trade services section?

All businesses could make a case for this but especially home improvement types of businesses would go quite well. So plumbing services, split cooling installers such as this,  electricians, builders, bricklayers and painters would all get tremendous benefit from writing ads in local papers.

This is great “pull marketing” when you think about it. A prospect goes into the local newspaper to look for assistance with your trade. He picks up the phone and calls purely because he or she wants help. By picking up the phone they are pre qualifying themselves. So that is good news.

The bad news is that there is likely to be other businesses offering the same trade. This means the quality of the ad is important.


If you are thinking about writing classified ads for your business then this video below is a great start:

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Jan 252014

Newspaper today like the Melbourne Times newspaper can come in the form of printed media or internet site. Either way, these are simple collection of different articles. You pick up your newspaper subscription or you open your laptop and you get the freshest news for the day.
The newspaper indeed contains different articles distributed in various sections. And any basic article has a standard component and anyone interested in writing for a newspaper should be able to identify the different parts that make up a news story. On the other hand, the parts of a newspaper such as Melbourne Times newspaper may have some trivial variations, depending on the area where it is published. But all newspapers contain a main page where readers will find the top most news stories.

Contents of a newspaper consist of different kinds of articles

In majority of newspapers, you will find different articles. You have local, national and international news articles. The local news articles cover events in your city or town or state, the national covers the whole country and for the international, you have events that happen beyond the country’s borders.
There are editorial articles. These are subjective write-ups because they represent the opinion of the author. These are usually articles on the author’s topic of interest. The editorial is written by the same author on a regular basis. Then there are feature articles that cover entertainment and human interest.

Components of articles including those printed in Melbourne Times newspaper

The article in Melbourne Times newspaper or in any broadsheet for that matter contains several components. First is the headline. This is printed in large and bold letters and it covers in a few words the main content of the article. Below this headline is the byline which tells the reader who the writer of the article is. When you go to the first paragraph, you will have the lead and this is a clear conveyance of the main subject of the news article. This part should aim to get the reader’s attention in order for the article to be read up to the end.

Section in papers like Melbourne Times newspaper

Every newspaper contains different sections. Aside from the main page that contains the headlines and top news articles, any newspaper like Melbourne Times newspaper may have local, national and international sections. This will segregate the locations where the news took place.
A printed newspaper also contains entertainment and sport section. Some newspapers, not all, have a comics section as well as lifestyle and home living sections. The classified sections are a part of a newspaper because this is additional source of income for the publishing company. Classified ads are where you usually refer to when you are looking for job openings. Advertisements are also found all over the newspaper – another income generating section of the paper. An advertisement can occupy a whole page or just a portion, depending on how much the advertiser is willing to spend for it. Another paid section is the obituary page – so morbid page because this is an announcement of death notices.
Breaking the monotony of texts, there are graphics and photos in the newspaper. These could be stand alone or photos relevant to an article to which the photo is inserted.
I wonder how interested you may still be about newspapers. But then, these are the basic things that anyone bewitched with Melbourne Times newspaper or any printed broadsheet should first know. So the next morning you get hold of your newspaper, try to find these sections. Being trained on the location of each will help you easily find the news article you might have heard about.

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Jan 252014

Current events – this is how newspapers are referred to. These are the daily source of information about the happenings in your locality, country and even around the globe. A newspaper such as Melbourne Times newspaper had the mission to inform as well as to entertain its readers.
The development of the internet is an instrument for a new kind of lifestyle among many news aficionados. But this may not be enough to completely put the newspaper publishers out of business. These broadsheets are still a regular item in the news and magazine stands. Many people still subscribe to them for their own individual reasons.
Here are some reasons why people still read and subscribe to Melbourne Times newspaper and other broadsheets.

Broadsheet like Melbourne Times newspaper provides daily fresh news

Although this is not the only source, people still read newspapers for event updates. This is the easiest medium to be apprised on what is happening in the whole wide world. The biggest threat to the existence of a newspaper is the internet. However, there are stories that could not be found in the internet. Thus, people still get their copy of the Melbourne Times newspaper to know what is happening around the world and in Melbourne. The internet may offer fast updates but then, the newspaper also offers something far different from what you get from the internet. For one thing, it is better to check the daily papers for some local postings of available jobs. There are home living tips in the newspaper that is easy to locate when you are familiar with the sections of your favorite broadsheet. This feature is seldom found in the internet.

Reading newspaper has become a habit

Another reason why the newspapers are not totally extinct is that many people still find reading the broadsheet a part of their daily life. It has become a habit that is not easy to forget. To these people, the day will not be complete if they are not able to hold the newspapers in the morning while they drink their coffee.
Not only does newspaper reading become a habit; it turns out to be a great past time. For instance, there is the horoscope or crossword section. This is what many people are looking forward to. Some people just enjoy looking at the photos without actually reading the text. This to these people is simple way of killing the time.

Admiration for great writing skills

While reading the newspaper, you can be gratified with the writing skills. This is more pronounced in the news from the papers than in the internet news. This is also a good training ground to practice your writing skills. You can proofread the articles to find out if there are wrong grammar and spelling. This is a way to test your English competence.

A camouflage when you want to evade conversation

The last reason may be funny or may only be true to very few. Reading a newspaper can be a way to pretend to avoid conversation with people you are not interested in talking to. When you have the newspaper open before you, others will think that you are busy and are not apt for any chit chats. But the truth is you just do not want to be disturbed.
Today, the internet may be a good way to get news updates. But there are people who maintain the habit of reading the broadsheets such as Melbourne Times newspaper for some reasons. It has been a habit that is difficult to set aside.

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Jan 252014

Years ago, you may be irritated when your newspaper subscription got delayed in delivery. It was really very frustrating not to have a Melbourne Times newspaper or any broadsheet; and that is how hard it was to think of a morning sin a newspaper on the table. When you wake up and you drink your cup of coffee, it has been a habit to have the newspaper before you for the simple reason that you want updates around the globe.
Today, this has changed. Although the newspapers are still circulating, you will find that lots of the publication companies had gone defunct What caused this? There are other sources of news that can be faster – the broadcast media or television and the internet.
Every minute or even every second, a big event might be happening around the globe. For instance, in Melbourne where the Australian Open is a major event, the result of the games is broadcasted in the TV’s breaking news. Or, you can follow up the progress of the game via the internet. This is how sophisticated the news is brought to us nowadays. As for the old newspaper, it will be delayed – on the morning next day.
Practically, we now have three major sources of news. We have the printed media with Melbourne Times newspaper as a sample, the broadcast media or television channels and the internet.

People still read the broadsheet like Melbourne Times newspaper

You will find that the newspapers had not been completely toppled by modern technology. Many people are still in the habit of having a newspaper in their hands the first thing in the morning. The number of readers may have diminished but it has not totally been zeroed out so the publishing companies are still in competition.
The reading of newspaper is just like reading a pocket book. Many people are deeply rooted to this past time. The great thing here is that you can read the Melbourne Times newspaper or any broadsheet while you are having your meal. You can take it to your bedroom where you can read before you sleep. And why not, you can take it with you to the toilet. You may have your laptop but – is this as convenient in the places just mentioned? And what more – you can easily refer to previous issues, if you have kept them, when you want to go over or review past big items.

Instant news from televisions

Television had become another medium to bring the news to the people. This can be fast updates as many TV channels cater to breaking news where any program can be interrupted for a short time to give important news updates. The drawback however, is that the news may be very brief and you would not be able to get the whole story. So – the next day, you will have to look it up in the newspapers. But if you are a patron of the use of the internet, your next action after hearing the news in television is to go online and Google the details of the breaking news. More details of the breaking news are also provided by the same channel that broadcasted it. Almost every television channel has its news slot that runs early in the morning and late at night.

News from the internet

With the internet technology, many had believed how the news from the internet becomes the news of the future. When you go online, your browser already will flash in your computer screen the most talked-about news of the minute. Yahoo and Google are very updated and the news is given to you soonest – no need to wait for the breaking news or the newspaper that is probably in the printing stage yet.
As many newspaper publishers realize this, they have also joined the trend. Melbourne Times newspaper also provides online news, aside from the printed media. Newspaper publishers have already created their own websites. This does not only promote the daily printed paper but it also generates income from its online advertisers. They do not want to be left behind so you can now read your news either way or perhaps get a three-way news update – printed newspaper, television and internet.

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Jan 252014

Newspaper used to be the most popular way to get daily fresh news. Thus, they are delivered and are available early in the morning. All around the globe, the newspapers, either broadsheet or tabloids, are the first thing one looks at when he wakes up. You will find a lot of people with newspapers open before them while drinking a cup coffee or eating breakfast.
Newspapers are published nationally or locally. Each locality reaches up to its people through the papers. Some local papers are free, some are not. With the advent of the electronic gadgets such as laptop, tablets and smartphones, there was a little change in the habit. There are more technology-inclined people who open their gadgets first thing in the morning to get the freshest and most important news.
You can be one of these two kinds of people – sticking to the printed media or shifting to the high technology internet for daily news.

How internet affected the way news are delivered

It is almost unbelievable but getting news had been revolutionized ever since the internet became one’s way of life. You will probably notice how the news is delivered via the World Wide Web. . After several years of internet popularity, online readers of news had grown tremendously. Turning on your computer, laptop, tablet or Smartphone that is connected to the internet, you will be able to read the latest news around the world.
If you would opt for your way of getting fresh news, will you get it from a newspaper such as Melbourne Times newspaper (for Melbourne residents) or from the internet? Here are some facts about news from printed media and internet.

Facts about a broadsheet such as Melbourne Times newspaper

Although both news sources have their releases researched, the facts in the printed paper enjoy the advantage of being carefully edited. This is the role of the editors – ensuring that all facts are flawless. The way news is written is another difference. In the broadsheet, you will admire the way an article is written – very creative but concise. It has been a practice of newspaper publishers to observe brevity so people would not lose interest in the article and would read it up to the last sentence.

Facts about news from the internet

There is no doubt that the news provided by the internet is also well-researched. The difference though is that you might be reading news from a site where the content had not been thoroughly reviewed by editors. Thus, you will find some typographical errors such as wrong spelling, inappropriate use of words or grammatical errors.
The presentation of news in the internet can be longer. A writer has no concern for the limited space. The news site may be linked to other sites for additional information. And the biggest advantage of the internet is that news can be relayed sooner than that of the printed media. For the latter, it takes time for writing, editing, printing and distribution. So, when big news happens, the news from a broadsheet like Melbourne Times newspaper may be late. It is already all around the net.
Reading your news from the conventional paper like Melbourne Times newspaper and from the high technology web can both have their own pros and cons. It is up to you to choose which will work best. If you have a Smartphone that is connected to the internet wherever you are, then you can make use of this as your easy source of news update. However, the practice of reading newspaper in the morning is still a good way to start the day.

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